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La Dame Rouge - The master of house Marco speaks French, English and Malayalam. French, of Swiss origin, Marco established itself in India there is of that 15 years, after his passion for the people and the culture of this country!
To the south west of India, to the heart of the Kerala, the house of Marc is established on an island, to 2 km of the sea and 500 meters of the river.
To 35 minuites of the airport and to 20 km of Cochin (Kochi), the house of Marc is situated in a protected region of the tourism of mass. In this dream framework, you there will find quitness and authenticity.
In a family and friendly framework, you will take advantage of a mood of peace and of goodmood. Multi generationally, the house shelters the "family" of which the ages vary of sans to 60 years!
The daily visits of the young ones of the town are of a wealth without equal. They will propose you a part of badminton or of karom. Luxuriance! Manguiers, palm trees, muscadier, coconut palms... And a badminton land in the middle! Under cover looks, you yourself there will be able to install, the foot fingers in fan, and taste the fresh fruit juice of the boss!
The stays conceived them according to your cravings! Otherwise says, you are master of your choices and nature of the activities that youwill want to do! Lodged in half board, you will benefit from massages ayurvediques daily in order to relax you and to remake you a health!
According to the season, Marc will be able to take you to spectacles of Kathakali (Indian danced theater), parties of temples, events to not spoil! You also will be able to benefit from initiation course to different artistic disciplines, such as Kathaakli, music or of the Dance...
The food, in half board (breakfast and dine) will be prepared by the cook that will propose you, according to your cravings. The domain of Tanga Durai, the cook... A kitchen as this one, it not some exits more in Europe! No charge to gas, or of electric oven! All is cooked to the wood fire, to the big pleasure of the small dishes and big!
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